Star Wars Squadrons – Update 4.2 veröffentlicht


Star Wars: Squadrons das Update 4.2. wurde nun veröffentlicht.

Alle weiteren Details zum Update 4.2 liefert euch der offizielle Changelog, den ihr hier findet.


  • Fixed an issue where aim assist would not function as intended when firing lasers at a player who is drifting.

Custom Games

  • Fixed an issue where music would overlap for a spectator in Custom Games
  • Fixed an issue where the Flagship’s health and shields would not display correctly on the tactical map.


  • Fixed an issue where text chat could stop functioning when using a controller.

Starfighters & Components

  • The TIE defender’s Concussion Missile cooldown has been increased from 2.3 seconds to 6 seconds.


Lang lebe das Imperium – Star Wars: Squadrons im Test


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