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PlayStation Store Update *EU* 13.06.2012

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PlayStation Network New Content

Content may be added or removed, or move dates – please stay tuned to your weekly Store Update for the most up to date listings. Listed savings are approximate, based on SRP excluding Special Offer pricing and should be considered as a guide only.

PS3 Games

Alien Breed Trilogy
Experience the ultimate in science-fiction action with the Alien Breed Trilogy: three arcade-shooter titles in one fantastic collection, together for the first time. The Alien Breed Trilogy resurrects a much revered franchise with an epic narrative, swarms of intelligent alien enemies, high-impact weaponry and thrilling two-player co-operative action.


Price: £17.49,€20.99,AU$31.45
PEGI: 16
Availability: Not available in BL, HN, QT
File Size: 4GB

Babel Rising (Trial also available)
Babel Rising lets you play as a God and use your powers to prevent humans from building the tower of Babel.




Price: £7.99,€9.99,AU$15.95
Availability: All
File Size: 357MB

Bang Bang Racing (Trial also available)
Bang Bang Racing is a brand new, top-down arcade car racer for the whole family! Choose from 20 sleek racing cars, eight different skins and nine exotic reversible and variable tracks around the world. Cones and exploding barrels will put your driving skills to the test on snow, water, sand and oil-covered tracks. Take on other players in 4-player split-screen multiplayer!


Price: £7.99,€9.99,AU$15.95
Availability: All
File Size: 209MB

Rune Factory Oceans
Aden and Sonja, two lifelong friends, were living a tranquil life on Fenith Island until one day they awaken to a mysterious curse. To make things worse, the Fenith Island they knew and loved has been replaced with an unfamiliar version. Lead Aden and Sonja as they traverse the high seas to discover the cure to their curse and return home.


Price: £39.99,€49.99,AU$79.95
PEGI: 12
Availability: All
File Size: 2659MB

StarDrone Bundle (includes PS3 and PS Vita versions)
StarDrone bundle features both PlayStation 3 system and PlayStation Vita system versions.




Price: £3.99,€4.99
Availability: Not available in AU, NZ
File Size: 220MB

Two Worlds II VELVET Game of the Year Edition
The Two Worlds II Velvet Game of the YEAR EDITION offers an amazing RPG adventure. The Velvet GotY Edition combines the thrilling storylines of both Two Worlds II and its expansion, Pirates of the Flying Fortress, complete with all DLC and multiplayer packages. Challenging quests, a unique Magic system and enthralling battles await you in the vast world of Antaloor.


Price: £19.99,€24.99,AU$39.95
PEGI: 16
Availability: Not available in DK, FI, NZ, NO, SE
File Size: 5582MB

PS3 Demos (Free)

Babel Rising
Availability: All
File Size: 357MB

Bang Bang Racing
Availability: All
File Size: 209MB

PS Vita Games

Gravity Rush (Releases 15th June for UK/IRE, 20th June for NZ)
Compatible with PlayStationVita only.

Can you save the world from an incoming gravity storm?

For a limited time only, download Gravity Rush and you’ll also receive a Military Mission Pack – containing two story missions, two challenge missions and a military character costume – absolutely free.

Price: £34.99,€34.99,AU$47.95
PEGI: 12
Availability: All
File Size: 1337MB

Compatible with PlayStationVita only.

Giant meteors are hurtling towards Earth and only you can save the planet from certain destruction! Use your AR Play Cards over 25 perilous levels to connect laser beams and launch the missiles that will save humanity.


Price: £1.59,€1.99,AU$3.45
Availability: Availability Here
File Size: 146MB

PSVita Demos

Escape Plan
PEGI: 12
Availability: All
File Size: 548MB

PS2 Games

Football Generation
Compatible with PlayStation 3.
Football Generation brings all the action from the exciting world of soccer straight to your living room. A comprehensive roster of international and club teams are available across a wealth of exciting game modes. The fantastic ‘Scenario’ mode lets you step into the boots of your team’s star player, giving you the chance to personally guide your team to victory!


Price: £0.99,€1.19,AU$1.95
Availability: Ex. BE, DK, FI, NL, NO, PL, RU, SE, UA


Arc the Lad III
Compatible with PSP (PlayStation Portable) and PlayStation 3.
Join Alec and friends on his quest to become a legendary Hunter and save the world from the Dark One.

This title requires a 60Hz compatible display. The manual is in English. Help can be found at www.monkeypawgames.com


Price: £3.99,€4.99,AU$8.45
PEGI: 12
Availability: Not available in Bulgaria, Hungary, Qatar


Top Trumps NBA All Stars
Prices: £2.99,€3.59
Availability: Only. FR, DE, IT, ES, UK


Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice Of Arland

  • Pamela

Prices: £3.19,€3.99,AU$6.95
Availability: All

Birds Of Steel

  • Map Pack 1: Battle Of Britain (£4.79, €5.99, AU$9.95)
  • Planes Pack 1: P-47 Thunderbolt & Os2U Kingfisher (£3.99, €4.99, AU$8.45)

Availability: All

Cars 2 The Videogame

  • Hotrod Francesco
  • Lightyear Lightning

Prices: £0.79,€0.99,AU$1.75
Availability: Only in Bulgaria, Hungary, Qatar

Disgaea 4

  • Fish Strong! (£1.59, €1.99, AU$3.45)
  • Medic (£2.39, €2.99, AU$4.95)
  • Necromancer (£2.39, €2.99, AU$4.95)
  • Overlord’s Castle Map (£0.79, €0.99, AU$1.75)

Availability: Not available in DK, FI, NO, PL, SE

Dragon’s Dogma

  • From A Different Sky – Part 4

Prices: £0.79,€0.99,AU$1.75
Availability: All

LittleBigPlanet 2

  • Tron: Legacy Pack

Prices: £2.39,€2.99,AU$4.95
Availability: All

Marvel Pinball

  • Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles

Prices: £7.99,€9.99,AU$15.95
Availability: All

Rock Band 3

  • Drive (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
  • Dodgin Bullets (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
  • Inside (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
  • Spineless (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
  • Stabbing To Purge Dissimulation (£0.59, €0.79, AU$1.30)
  • Weevil Bride (£0.59, €0.79, AU$1.30)

Availability: Not available in BL,HR,CZ,GR,HU,IN,IL,KU,LU,QA.RM,SA,SI,ZA,TR,UA

Saints Row The Third

  • Witches & Weiners Pack

Prices: £1.99,€2.49,AU$4.25
Availability: All

Sniper Elite II

  • Assassinate The Führer

Prices: £8.79,€10.99,AU$17.45
Availability: Not available in Austria, Germany

Soul Calibur V

  • Sexy Costumes 1

Prices: £1.99,€2.49,AU$4.25
Availability: All

Test Drive Unlimited 2

  • Ferrari 599XX
  • Harley Davidson Fatboy Lo

Prices: £0.79,€0.99,AU$1.75
Availability: All

Tron : Evolution

  • In-Box Maps, Characters And Avatars (£3.19, €3.99, AU$6.95)
  • Pre-Order Character – Clu (£0.79, €0.99, AU$1.75)
  • Pre-Order Character – Gibson (£0.79, €0.99, AU$1.75)
  • Pre-Order Character – Quorra (£0.79, €0.99, AU$1.75)

Availability: Not available in RU, UA

Releases in BG, HN, QA, PO 13.06.2012, 15.06.2012 elsewhere

Wheels Of Destruction

  • Expansion Pack 1

Prices: Free
Availability: Not available in AU, NZ

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

  • Who Wants To Be A Music Millionaire?

Prices: £2.39,€2.99,AU$4.95
Availability: Ex, ZA


Escape Plan

  • The Asylum

Prices: £0.21,€0.25,AU$0.45 (for two weeks only!)
Availability: All

Table Football

  • Match Day Game Pack

Prices: £0.79,€0.99,AU$1.75
Availability: All


The Studio

  • Studio Output Avatar Bundle (£0.79, €0.99, AU$1.75)
  • Studio Output Avatar 1 (£0.21, €0.25, AU$0.45)
  • Studio Output Avatar 2 (£0.21, €0.25, AU$0.45)
  • Studio Output Avatar 3 (£0.21, €0.25, AU$0.45)
  • Studio Output Avatar 4 (£0.21, €0.25, AU$0.45)
  • Studio Output Avatar 5 (£0.21, €0.25, AU$0.45)

The Last Of Us Avatars

  • Ellie Avatar 1
  • Ellie Avatar 2 (Australia only)
  • Joel Avatar 2

Prices: (£0.21, €0.25, AU$0.45)



  • PS3 Blink Dynamic Theme by Studio Output (£2.35/€2.99/$4.95)
  • PSP Blink Static Theme by Studio Output (£0.79/€0.99/£1.75)



  • Fine Art: Bosch (£1.59/€1.99/$3.45)
  • Fine Art: Botticelli (£1.59/€1.99/$3.45)
  • Fine Art: Leonardo Da Vinci (£1.59/€1.99/$3.45)
  • Fine Art: Michelangelo (£1.59/€1.99/$3.45)
  • Fine Art: Van Gogh (£1.59/€1.99/$3.45)


  • Dynamic Morphing Cell Theme (£1.59/€1.99/$3.45)
  • Dynamic Stream with Sunset Reflections Theme (£1.59/€1.99/$3.45)


  • Dynamic Statue of Liberty Theme (£1.59/€1.99/$3.45)


  • Dynamic Axe Zombie Theme 3 (£1.59/€1.99/$3.45)
  • Dynamic Mystery Orb Theme (£1.59/€1.99/$3.45)


  • Dmc Public Enemy Trailer (Not available in Germany)
  • Realms Of Ancient War – The Wizard Trailer (Not available in Germany)
  • Spec Ops: The Line Narrative Trailer (Not available in Germany)
  • Wwe ’13 – E3 2012 Debut Trailer (Not available in Germany)
  • Game Of Thrones (Not available in Germany)
  • Game Of Thrones – The Wall
  • Game Of Thrones – Winter Trailer
  • Game Of Thrones: ‘Behind The Wall’
  • Lego Batman 2: Dc Super Heroes (Only. BE, DK, FR, DE, IE, IT, NL, PL, RU, ES, GB)
  • Lego Batman 2: Dc Superheroes Announce Trailer
  • Lego Batman 2: Dc Superheroes Gotham Trailer
  • Sleeping Dogs (Not available in Germany)
  • Sleeping Dogs 101 Trailer
  • Sleeping Dogs Combat Vignette Trailer
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