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Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – Update 1.01 ab sofort verfügbar

Vor wenigen Tagen haben die Entwickler von Ninja Theory ein erstes Update für „Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice“ angekündigt, das nun zum Download bereitsteht und zahlreiche Anpassungen sowie Verbesserungen vornimmt. Den Changelog findet ihr in den folgenden Zeilen.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

„Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice“ wurde am 8. August veröffentlicht und stammt von Ninja Theory, die sich auch für „Enslaved – Odyssey to the West“ verantwortlich zeigen. In Hellblade spielt ihr Senua, die unter einer psychischen Krankheit, genauer Psychosen, leidet. In diesem Zusammenhang lobt man ausnahmslos die Soundkulisse und mit ihr verbunden die Stimmen in ihrem Kopf. Man empfiehlt, unbedingt Kopfhörer zu verwenden, um möglichst authentisch in Senua und ihre ausweglose Situation schlüpfen zu können. Weiter hervorgehoben wird auch Senuas Darstellung sowie ihre Mimik, die nach Meinung mancher gar ein neues Level von Gesichtsanimation in Videospielen darstellen. Hellblade ist für PS4 und PC erhältlich und kostet aktuell 29,99 Euro für PS4.

Changelog Update 1.01

  • Fixed a crash that could happen if two Keep Guard enemies are standing close to each other and one dies.
  • Russian subtitles for the Hellblade feature have been added.
  • Fixed an issue where the audio would be out of sync with the Hellblade feature if it has been paused for an extended period of time.
  • Fixed an issue where the Baldr Masks in the Tower Shard level are white on the inside.
  • Fixed scenarios resulting in unlit geometry after reloading from checkpoint.
  • Fixed a potential progression stopping bug in the Fenrir Cave by the ‘M’ rune door puzzle.
  • Fixed potential progression stopping bug in Fenrir Cave due to check pointing after skipping a lit region.
  • Fixed potential progression stopping bug in Fenrir Cave if player fails to collect floor rune after combat and subsequently dies.
  • Fixed collision issues that could allow players to unintentionally exit the game world.
  • Fixed audio cut-out issues.
  • Added audio cues for hidden faces.
  • Fixed audio hard cut at the end of various cut scenes.
  • Fixes for audio lip sync issues.
  • Audio balancing fixes.
  • Various subtitle localisation fixes across a number of languages.

Combat tweaks


  • Adjusted automatic difficulty enemy health scaling and Senua’s damage taken/given modifiers.


  • Increased damage value of certain combo finisher attacks.
  • Adjusted rate of combat focus resource build-up in Hard difficulty mode or higher.
  • Fixed issue with stinger animated cameras popping if the same attack was repeated.

Warrior Enemy

  • Warriors now have an increased chance of evading certain heavy attacks.
  • Fixed missing sound effects on certain reactions.

Protector Enemy

  • Health values have been lowered.
  • Will now remain vulnerable for longer after his shield guard has been broken.

Keep Guard Enemy

  • Fixed a potential crash bug if Keep Guard enemies are standing close together and one of them dies.
  • Tweaked rotation rate during certain attack windups.
  • Fixed missing sound effects on certain attacks.


  • Fixed an issue where Surtr was able to throw Senua outside of the arena.


  • Fixed an issue where Valravn could not be damaged while in Focus for certain combos.
  • Parried projectiles will now remove shadow state on hit.


  • Health values have been adjusted.
  • Fixed issue where certain attack were not dealing damage correctly to Fenrir.

Revenant Enemy

  • Adjusted slide properties for certain attacks.
  • Adjusted cooldown for parry and evade defensive actions.
  • Parried projectiles will now remove shadow state on hit.

Photo Mode

  • Fixed an issue where motion blur is applied to object incorrectly during Photo Mode.
  • Removed the second slider that did nothing when cycling through the Effects tab.

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