Dragon’s Crown: Übersicht des Gameplays


Die Kollegen von IGN haben einiges an Details zum kommenden Spiel Dragon’s Crown veröffentlicht.


  • The character-select screen is a round-table at a tavern featuring the game’s six characters feasting and drinking (pictured).
  • After selecting your character, you’ll hear a voiced introduction, and then move out into a town “ripped out of the likes of Zelda II and Faxanadu.”
  • You can speak with the townsfolk, or bother them—punch a basket of apples out of a merchant’s hands or jugs of water out of a person’s grasp, for example.
  • The town also offers shops, guilds, etc. to visit.
  • The world map will allow you to select which stage to visit or revisit.
  • New players will be greeted with an “extremely thorough tutorial” for your character’s move and skill sets.
  • Dragon’s Crown is “tough,” especially if you’re trying to best your high score or finish a stage faster for new loot. “Without using a hodgepodge of techniques and weapons, the AI will make quick work of you.”
  • Enemies scale with you, meaning as you get stronger, they do, too. They’ll increase in number, as well.
  • Each level ends with a powerful boss.
  • Mounts can be found on various stages. If a giant bird attacks you, for example, you can down it and get on its back to use it as a temporary weapon. Some have special skills like fire breath.
  • The left analog stick is used for character movement. The right analog stick is used to control an independent cursor to identify points of interest in the environment.
  • Every character has a hooded companion following them with a sack full of treasure and loot. This is how characters are able to hold all the loot they obtain.
  • Character stats include health points, magic points, strength, constitution, dexterity, intelligence, magical resistance, and luck. As you become more powerful and find better equipment, these numbers will increase.

Dragon’s Crown is due out August 6 in North America.



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