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Darksiders II – Changelog zum Patch 1.01

Auch in Europa hat man den ersten Patch zu Darksiders 2 veröffentlicht. Der 32MB große Patch korrigiert einige Fehler, wie zum Beispiel das Abstürzen des Spiels.

Den offiziellen Changelog gibt es hier zu sehen:

  • A few crashes in Blackstone, including at the 2nd lever and during the Lilith cut-scenes
  • A crash occurring when proceeding back to the Cauldron after completing it.
  • The Custodian falling through the bridge in the Foundry when back-tracking through the dungeon.
  • Spanish sub titles will be added to the North America version of Darksiders II.
  • Players will be able to back up their save without having to use an online save
  • Various fixes for the custodian getting fixed in the Foundry and the Scar
  • Progression blocker with the Chancellor, reported after crashing or doing the Crucible before going to the land of the dead.
  • Turning in 3 Stones of resistance awards the player properly.
  • Improved general stability

Vigil Games bestätigte bereits, dass man an einem zweiten Patch arbeite.

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