Assassin´s Creed III – erste Details zu den Multiplayer Charakteren

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Ubisoft verkündete während der Comic Con in San Diego erste Details zu den Mutliplayer Charakteren. Insgesamt gab es bisher 10 Charaktere zu sehen während der E3 Demo. Ihr könnt euch dennoch freuen, da es noch einige mehr Multiplayer Charaktere geben wird, die zum Release erst bekannt gegeben werden.





Matthew Davenport, British.

Eleanor Mallow’s father is a fierce and formidable military officer whose harshness is only equaled by his devotion to his men. This fine strategist fights as well as he leads, but he is not aware that his daughter is hidden amongst his troops.









The Carpenter

John O’Brien, Irish.

John is the living incarnation of the Irish workingman. He traveled to America to start a new life and escape the emerald island, where his liberties were constantly challenged. A man of few words and a true force of nature, he hates to be bothered by the British and might react violently in order to be left alone.









Lady Maverick

Gillian McCarthy, American, from Scottish descendant.

Gillian is an orphan who grew up in the streets with her little brother. Strong and driven, she has managed to survive, protect her only family and rise up in the world. Her natural talents for seduction have allowed her to gain the favors of the most influential politicians and learn the best-guarded secrets of the state.









The Mountebank

Doctor Victor Wolcott, American, living in New York.

This man of science thrives on learning and understanding. Fascinated with biology, medicine and potions, he furthers his knowledge of anatomy by practicing his dissecting skills on fresh bodies. It is said that his elixirs are powerful enough to keep his victims alive while he performs the most awful experiments.









Atas áta

Raised by his father, away from his own people, and trained in the arts of hunting, Atasá:ta now relies on those skills to survive. But ever since the murder of his father at the hands of a zealous British soldier, he roams the cities, hungry for revenge, relentlessly searching for his target.









The Night Stalker

“Joe”, of unknown ancestry.

This mysterious man haunts the streets of New York at night, concealing his face and name to all those who cross his path. Psychologically unstable, scared by the light of day, he is rumored to work as a mercenary for a secret organization, but money is what really drives him. After one of his victims yelled “Joe” seconds before dying, people started referring to him by that name, but no one dares to say it out loud.




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