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Donnerstag, Dezember 1, 2022
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Ark: Survival Evolved – Umfangreiches Update veröffentlicht

Die Entwickler von „Ark: Survival Evolved“ haben ein umfangreiches Update für den Titel veröffentlicht, das alle Inhalte nachliefert, die bereits auf dem PC verfügbar sind. Mit an Bord sind also neue Features.


Inzwischen liegen uns Informationen vor, laut denen sich das Update verzögert. Aktuell befindet es sich nämlich in der Zertifizierung bei Sony. Weitere Details gibt es hier.

Ursprüngliche Meldung

Unter anderem dürfen sich die Spieler über neue Anpassungsoptionen sowie Dinosaurier freuen. Wie gewohnt findet ihr unterhalb der Meldung den umfangreichen Changelog. Es ist außerdem davon auszugehen, dass in Zukunft weitere Inhalte für „Ark: Survival Evolved“ kommen werden. Immerhin haben die Verantwortlichen bereits zum Release betont, dass es noch zahlreiche Updates einschließlich Verbesserungen kommen werden, die neue Dinosaurier, Waffen, Rüstungen, Spielmechaniken und Lifestyle-Verbesserungen beinhalten.

Ab sofort kann „Ark: Survival Evolved“ entweder einzeln oder als „Survivor’s Pack“ erwerben werden. Letzteres beinhaltet neben dem Hauptspiel auch die Erweiterung „Ark: Scorched Earth“, die bei Bedarf auch einzeln erworben werden kann. Die Spieler kommen außerdem in den Genuss von PlayStation-exklusiven Gegenständen. Dazu zählt der bionische Gigantosaurus-Skin und ein komplettes Mantikor-Rüstungsset für männliche und weibliche Charaktere.


Current Version: v253.95
* Non-Quetz flyers can no longer carry characters that have C4 on them
* Spike Walls can no longer damage water creatures
* Fixed a client-side GPU memory leak.
* Upgraded BattlEye version, please update your servers!
* Servers can now allow from-the-air Supply Crates to appear on top of Structures, rather than being prevented by Structures. Launch with „?AllowCrateSpawnsOnTopOfStructures=true“ to enable this (enabled on Official Servers).
* Improved Server stasis/unstasis performance
* Fixed Piranha overspawning issue on TheCenter, and added latest Dinos to TheCenter
* Fixed Pelagornis rotating poorly when on water surface
* ARK Dev Kit hooks
* Fixed server crash when loading mods in previous build.
* Fixed server crash in previous build (253.8)
* Ended Winter Wonderland Event (deprecated for backwards compatibility)
* Flye grabbed by megalo/kapro falling thru world on client fix
* Gate frame destruction fix
* Bed respawn thru walls fix
* Tamed flyers letting grabbed players/dinos stay below terrain fix (u now get uncarried)
* Fix for tamed cave-dinos not being targetable by wild dinos
* Mods now indicating loading progress when connecting.
* Ladders on platform saddles now include Weight
* Fixed a platform Bed spawn exploit
* Fixed Megalosaurus spawns to occur in all appropriate TheIsland caves, and fixed them getting stuck within Cave 5
* Raptor Claus Gifts now contain party hats and birthday suits (for a day ;) )
* Unridden Tuso no longer moves when it has grabbed something (as intended), and fixed an issue that occasionally caused water-dinos to be erroneously killed when grabbed by Tuso.
* Therizinosaurus damage against non-harvestables reduced by 33% (kept the same against harvestables)
* Troodon spawn frequency in jungles reduced by 40%
* Troodon night-time sight range reduced by 25%
* Fixed Neuter flag saving on Uploaded Dinos
* Fixed calculation errors with Spoiling Time. Requires Server Update.
* Titanboas can be picked up by Dino carriers again (Argentavis etc). Requires Server Update.
* Fixed Pegomastax losing stolen loot when its body was consumed by a predator. Now it will drop a loot bag if it has any loot. Requires Server Update.
* Flyers on PvE can once again no longer carry wild dinos unless the „?AllowFlyerCarryPvE=true“ option is enabled
* Fixed crash of Non-Dedicated Session Hosts
* Made Kapro & Megalo able to continue holding their Prey after dismounting, added „Drop Prey“ option to Kapro
* Fixed Megalosaurus Kibble being preferred by Therizinosaurus
* Fixed some movement logic that accidentally got clobbered in the Kapro
* Fixed Megalo/Kapro/Tuso carrying of Dinos on PvE servers
* Fixed/improved Dinos getting stuck underground after being released by Tuso
* Fixed some erroneous collision on TheCenter
* All Winter Wonderland craftable cosmetics now properly appear in Cooking Pot. Requires Server Update.
* Pegomastax can no longer steal your Engrams. Requires Server Update.
* Reduced Taming times on Therizinosaurus and Tusoteuthis by 60%. Requires Server Update.
Unversioned Hotfix: Fixed issue with Megalosaurus crashing on client, pure client-side fix.
– New Item: Photographic Camera. Take photos and apply them onto in-game onto Painting Canvases!
– New Dino: Cnidaria!
– New Dino: Troodon!
– New Dino: Tusoteuthis!
– New Dino: Pegomastax!
– New Dino: Therizinosaurus!
– 2 New Full-Scale Underwater Caves (progression-oriented with Artifacts!)
– Winter Wonderland 2 Event! Follow Raptor Claus around The Island, Scorched Earth, and The Center as he drops items, coal, and the occasional tough-as-nails creature to keep you warm at night! Lots of cosmetics and the DodoRex make an appearance, along with new items!
– Additional networking performance gains of approximately +15%
– BattlEye is now enabled by default for dedicated servers, use -NoBattlEye to run your server without it
– TamingSpeedMultiplier, HarvestAmountMultiplier, and XPMultiplier are now hardcoded with an extra 2x multiplier. If you wish to have your server use the same rates as before, please reduce your sever’s custom values for those by 50%


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